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According to UEFA’s latest news, Arsenal has submitted a list of European games for the new season. Aubameyang and other major players are on this list, including Thomas, who was signed by Atletico Madrid at the buzzer. The only exceptions are Özil and Huang Papa, both of whom have lost the Arsenal squad. Regarding the former's defeat, I believe that even gun fans will feel happy; for the latter's defeat, they feel a little bit more regretful.

根据欧足联的最新消息,阿森纳已经提交了新赛季的欧洲比赛清单。奥巴梅扬(Aubameyang)和其他主要参与者都在名单上,其中包括托马斯(Thomas),后者是马德里竞技队在蜂鸣器上签下的。唯一的例外是Özil和Huang Papa,他们俩都失去了阿森亚博下注app纳小分队。关于前者的失败,我相信连枪迷也都会感到高兴。对于后者的失败,他们感到有些遗憾。

Since signing a hugely expensive contract with Arsenal, Özil's performance has gone from bad to worse. Not only is his ability seriously declining, but his playing attitude has also become more and more lazy. Seeing Emery in his eyes, he has since driven him into the cold palace. With Arteta's order in danger, Özil's condition is still very bad. Since there is no way to activate, Arteta no longer gives him a chance. From this point of view, it is normal to kick Özil out of the European war list. To put it bluntly, his appearance in his current state is tantamount to dragging down the team and is likely to become the opponent's main attack point. Considering some of Özil's previous actions, I believe that even domestic gun fans will praise Arteta's decision.


Compared to Özil, Huang Papa's defeat is regrettable. Think about it, Arsenal's back defense was unstable, Wenger signed Huang Papa from Dortmund. As a typical Greek central defender, his arrival has improved Arsenal's defense hardness. Especially when encountering some bad guys of the opponent team, Huang Papa can make the other party suffer. For gun fans, he injected long-lost blood into Arsenal.


However, under Arteta's hands, it was difficult for Huang Papa to get a chance to play. Going back to the source, it's because of the fierce style of the game, his ability to play the ball is relatively average. Considering that Arteta has assisted Guardiola for many years, this pair of golden partners has strict requirements for the guard's footwork. Because of this, Huang Papa became a regular on the bench. With Arsenal signing David Luiz, Gabriel and other new aids one after another, Huang Papa's appearance has become more late. Take this season as an example, so far there is no chance to play.


It was thought that Huang Papa would leave the team in the summer window, but he did not expect the trade to be unsuccessful and he was left at Arsenal. Judging from the fact that he was voted out of the European competition list, Arteta is obviously not going to give him a chance. Otherwise, five goalkeepers will not be reported, and one position can be set aside. In terms of defensive ability alone, Huang Papa is still one of the most stable players in the Arsenal team. It's a pity that Arteta's persistent concept of passing and controlling football made him a spectator.


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