亚博APP下注|施瓦茨曼大满贯首胜世界前五 地表最强1米7进四强


Xinhua News Agency, Paris, October 7 (Reporter Xiao Yazhuo) Argentine Schwarzman won his first Grand Slam victory after a five-hour "marathon" match. The top five players in the world, he played 7: 6 (1), 5: 7, 6: 7 (6), 7: 6 (5), 6 in the French Open men's singles quarter-finals on the 6th: 2 Defeated Tim, the champion of New Kemei Open, and reached the top 4 of the Grand Slam for the first time in his career.


   Because the game took too long, it directly led to the final match between Nadal and Snell on the Centre Court that day, which started late at night and ended after 1 a.m. on the 7th. In the end, the defending champion defeated Snell in straight sets 7:6 (4), 6:4, 6:1, and commemorated his 100th game in Roland Garros with a victory and played for the 13th time. Enter the French Open semifinals.

由于比赛时间过长,因此直接导致纳达尔与斯内尔在当天的亚博APP下注中央球场进行了最后一场比赛,这场比赛从深夜开始,到7日凌晨1点结束。最终,卫冕冠军以连续7:6(4),6:4、6:1的比分击败了Snell,并以胜利纪念了他在Roland Garros的第100场比赛,并第13次出战。进入法网半决赛。

But the 19-year-old Snell’s performance in this French Open is already amazing enough. In the first round, he upset and eliminated No. 11 seed Goffin. In the last round, he defeated the No. 6 seed, the German star Ziz. Villev.


   In the semifinals, Nadal will once again meet Schwarzman's challenge. The two played against each other in the quarterfinals of the Italian Open that had just ended, when Schwarzman had an upset victory.


   Women’s singles also broke out on the same day. The 23-year-old Argentine qualifier Podolska, who is ranked only 131 in the world, defeated the No. 3 seed Svitolina 6:2, 6:4 and successfully reached the semifinals of the Grand Slam.

女子单打也在同一天爆发。 23岁的阿根廷预选赛波多尔斯卡(Podolska)仅排在世界第131位,以6:2、6:4的成绩击败了3号种子Svitolina,并成功晋级大满贯半决赛。

   In the semi-finals, Podoloska’s opponent was also a player who just made history, Swartek. After defeating the top seed Halep upset in the previous round, 19-year-old Swartke eliminated Italy’s qualifier Trevisan 6:3, 6:1 in this round, becoming the first player since the Open. Roland Garros reached the semi-finals of Polish players. (Finish)

在半决赛中,Podoloska的对手也是创造历史的选手Swartek。 19岁的Swartke在上一轮击败头号种子Halep失利后,在本轮淘汰意大利资格赛特雷维桑6:3、6:1,成为自公开赛以来的首位球员。罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)进入了波兰选手的半决赛。 (完)

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