亚博APP下注|F1| 雷诺要求FIA澄清赛车复制禁令中的灰色区域


  The appeal of the match point case has died down, but the Renault team still asks the FIA ​​to clarify the problem of copying the car, especially the new rule prohibiting copying in the rules of next season. Renault team leader Abitobull said that they have received a reply from the FIA.


One of the results of the    match point case is that the FIA’s new regulations in 2021 have provisions prohibiting copying other cars. However, Abitobull believes that these rules still have gray areas, and Renault hopes the FIA ​​will clarify.


   He wrote a letter to Nicolas Tombassis, the head of the FIA ​​for single-seater racing, asking the FIA ​​to give a reply, at least to Renault.

他写信给国际汽联单座赛车负责人尼古拉斯·汤姆巴西斯(Nicolas Tombassis),要求国际汽联至少回覆雷诺。

"Currently our communication with the FIA ​​is confidential," Abi Tobull told Racefans.net, "but we look forward to making this content public in the future. We believe that these rules clarify what is necessary for any team to comply with FIA regulations. Very important, especially after this year’s precedents and controversies, we received Nicholas’ answer that he is transforming some standards into public information."

阿比·托伯尔(Abi Tobull)告诉Racefans.net:``目前,我们与国际汽联的通信是保密的,但我们希望将来公开此内容。我们认为这些规则阐明了任何车队遵守国际汽联的必要条件非常重要,尤其是在今年的先例和争议之亚博APP下注后,我们收到了尼古拉斯的回答,尼古拉斯正在将一些标准转变为公共信息。”

  According to what Racefans has learned, many of Renault's problems are related to the list products.


  List products refer to racing components that the team must design and manufacture by themselves, such as brake ventilation ducts. This is also the controversial point at the beginning of the season. Renault also wants to know what information sharing between the teams is legal, because a team leader asked why the Mercedes team was not penalized in the case of the racing ventilation ducts.


"The match point and what Mercedes did led to two crimes. I expect the FIA ​​to define certain terms before the next race. What we cannot understand is that even if the team is fined, they are allowed to continue the race. And received a warning after every game," Red Bull Racing Team leader Horner once questioned.




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