Needless to say, you also know that numbers above 11 are not sought-after. In the traditional sense, numbers greater than 11 are prepared for substitute players, and even historical records about these numbers are pitiful.


For example, the outstanding Red Devils captain Brian Robson gradually declined after entering the 90s. From the 1993-94 season, the Premier League began to implement a fixed number system. Manchester United’s old captain Brian Robson lost the number 7 jersey and got the number 12 jersey. At the time, this was widely interpreted as Manchester United no longer considered Brian. Robson is regarded as a member of the starting lineup.

例如,杰出的红魔队长布莱恩·罗布森(Brian Robson)进入90年代后就逐渐走下坡路。从1993-94赛季开始,英超联赛开始实行固定号码制度。曼联的老队长布莱恩·罗布森(Brian Robson)失去了7号球衣,获得了12号球衣。当时,人们普遍认为这是因为曼联不再考虑布莱恩。罗布森被认为是首发阵容中的一员。

But in fact, the history of the 12th can be traced back a long time ago, mainly in some major events. As early as the 1954 World Cup, players began to play with numbers on their backs. In the final, the Federal Republic of Germany fell behind Hungary 0-2. Helmut Lahn, who scored the equalizer and the winning goal for the Germans, wore No. 12. Compared to the top number, the 12th is indeed inconspicuous, but it is indeed a very connotative number.

但是实际上,第十二届的历史可以追溯到很久以前,主要发生在一些重大事件中。早在1954年世界杯足球赛上,球员就开始玩数字游戏。在决赛中,德意志联邦共和国以2比2落后于匈牙利。 Helmut Lahn为德国人赢得了均衡器和获胜目标,他排名第12位。与最高排名相比,第12位确实不算什么,但确实是一个非常有意义的数字。

Essentially, number 12 is the first number on the bench. Starting in 1965, this number began to become meaningful, because it was that year that world football allowed substitute players to play.


From then on, injured players were allowed to leave the field, and substitute players replaced their vacancies. The 1957 England FA Cup final was a memorable match. Manchester United goalkeeper Ray Wood suffered a cheekbone fracture shortly after the start. He had to leave the field for treatment. On the field teammate Jackie Blanchflo took over as the goalkeeper. . Ray Wood re-entered the game after a simple treatment, but he was obviously unwilling to fight and just wandered around the sideline as a temporary winger. It was not until the 1960s that the Football Association allowed substitute players to play, and there was tremendous pressure at the time. Now it is hard to believe how there was so much opposition.

从那时起,受伤的球员被允许离开场地,替代球员代替了他们的空缺。 1957年的英格兰足总杯决赛是一场令人难忘的比赛。起步后不久,曼彻斯特联队门将雷·伍德遭受了ek骨骨折。他不得不离开田野接亚博下注app受治疗。在现场,队友杰基·布兰奇弗洛(Jackie Blanchflo)接任门将。 。雷·伍德经过简单的处理就重新进入了比赛,但他显然不愿意打架,只是作为临时边锋徘徊在场边。直到1960年代,足协才允许替代球员参加比赛,当时压力巨大。现在很难相信会有如此多的反对。

Charlton midfielder Keith Pickacock is the record holder in the team's history except for the goalkeeper. He is the first player to come off the bench in the history of English football and the first No. 12 player. Peacock once said: "I played 591 games for Charlton. The only thing I can remember is the time when I came on the bench."

查尔顿中场球员基思·皮卡科克(Keith Pickacock)是守门员的历史纪录保持者,但门将除外。他是英国足球历史上第一个替补出场的球员,也是第一个12号球员。孔雀曾经说过:“我为查尔顿打了591场比赛。我唯一能记住的就是我坐在板凳上的时间。”

In the first season of allowing substitutes to play, the 12th player was only allowed to replace injured players on the field—just like Pickacock replaced injured goalkeeper Mike Rose. Although the substitute policy was only experimental at the time, it was quite effective when implemented, and in the next season, the new policy stipulates that substitutions can be made according to tactical needs.


But it was not until 1987 that the Football Association allowed the use of a second substitute player. So in the long period from 1965 to 1987, No. 12 was the only substitute player on each team. At that time, No. 12 represented more than just a number, it was more like what we call "Plan B" today. Of course, because a second substitute player is not allowed, there is no "Plan C".


The most famous No. 12 in English football is Liverpool's David Philclough. In the 1975-76 season, Phil Clough's appearance was ranked behind Kevin Keegan and Tosak, but he was an Anfield's super substitute and his role cannot be underestimated. Phil Clough scored 7 goals in 5 starts and 9 substitute appearances in 14 games.

利物浦的大卫·菲克洛夫(David Philclough)是英格兰足球界最著名的第12名。在1975-76赛季,菲尔·克拉夫(Phil Clough)的出场次数落后于凯文·基根(Kevin Keegan)和托萨克(Tosak),但他是安菲尔德的超级替补,他的角色不可低估。菲尔·克拉夫(Phil Clough)在5场比赛中攻入7球,在14场比赛中有9次出场。

Phil Clough's most important goal was the last-minute lore in the 1976 Merseyside derby. Towards the end of the game, Phil Clough made a successful steal near the center circle, rushing past four defensive players all the way, and then vigorously pushed the close corner to succeed. Abundant physical fitness after the bench came on the field was the key to his goal. To be precise, this wonderful goal began at the moment when Phil Clough, wearing the No. 12 jersey, jumped from the bench.

菲尔·克劳夫(Phil Clough)的最重要目标是1976年默西塞德郡德比赛的最后时刻绝杀。比赛快要结束时,菲尔·克劳夫(Phil Clough)在中锋附近成功抢断,一路冲过四名防守球员,然后大力推开近身角成功。替补席上场后的充足身体素质是他实现目标的关键。准确地说,这个出色的进球始于身穿12号球衣的菲尔·克拉夫(Phil Clough)从替补席上跳下的那一刻。

"Generally speaking, when he starts the game, even if he plays the whole game, he is ineffective," said Phil Clough's teammate Emlyn Hughes. "But a few seconds after the bench comes up, he can score the most beautiful goal."

菲尔·克拉夫(Phil Clough)的队友艾米琳·休斯(Emlyn Hughes)表示:“一般来说,即使他玩了整场比赛,当他开始比赛时,他还是没有效率的。 “但是当替补席上出现后的几秒钟,他可以打入最漂亮的进球。”

Like many players who were later called super substitutes, Phil Clough was also very disgusted with the outside world calling himself a bench gangster, and he thought people underestimated his abilities. Despite this, Phil Clough's status in the history of the Red Army is still higher than that of many famous players. Phil Clough later seemed to have slowly accepted this setting, and published his autobiography "Super Substitute: The most famous No. 12 in football" in 2015.

像后来被称为超级替补的许多球员一样,菲尔·克拉夫(Phil Clough)也对外界称自己为板凳黑帮非常厌恶,他认为人们低估了他的能力。尽管如此,菲尔·克拉夫亚博下注app在红军历史上的地位仍然高于许多著名球员。菲尔·克劳夫(Phil Clough)后来似乎慢慢接受了这一设置,并于2015年出版了自传《超级替补:足球界最著名的第12名》。

When Phil Clough played for Liverpool, a young Red Army star named Alan Harper entered people's field of vision. Although from the Liverpool youth academy, Harper did not play for the Reds first team. He joined Everton, where Harper became another type of No. 12 model-a versatile player capable of multiple positions.

当菲尔·克拉夫(Phil Clough)为利物浦效力时,一位年轻的红军明星艾伦·哈珀(Alan Harper)进入了人们的视野。尽管来自利物浦青年学院,哈珀并未为红军一线队效力。他加入了埃弗顿,在那里哈珀成为另一种类型的第12名模特-能够担任多个职务的多才多艺的球员。

Harper came from a right-back, but he can play almost all positions in the midfield except for the goalkeeper, and sometimes even plays as an offensive player. His most proud moment was a counter-strike against his old club in the 1984 Merseyside derby, helping the Toffees draw the Reds. Everton since then began to believe that he is fully capable of competing with his mortal enemy.


After tying the Red Army, Everton ushered in great success. They won the English FA Cup that season and reached the final again the following year-in both finals, Harper had worn the No. 12 shirt as a substitute. Then Everton won the league championship and the European Cup Winners' Cup successively, and Harper failed to get a chance to play in the Cup Winners' Cup final.


Harper's career has written a legend about the 12th. He has won the love of Everton fans with his reliability and hard work, and won the nickname "Bertie Bassett" (a mixed candy mix) because of the characteristics of the jackpot, but his too varied position also caused some negative effects. Harper’s position has never been fixed, nor has he formed his own unique playing style. Harper’s teammate Kendall said: “I respect him very much. Every team needs a player like Harper.” This is the most common compliment for a No. 12.


In the late 1980s, each team was allowed to bring two substitute players; in the mid-1990s, it increased to three, and then increased to seven. The number of substitutes per game also increased to three, and only the 12th Lost its original meaning. However, it is gratifying that some people obviously care about tradition, and there are still many players wearing No. 12 who contribute their strength to the team, or are super substitutes, or all-rounders.


The most famous super bench in the Premier League in recent years is none other than Giroud. Giroud, who wears No. 12 Gunners, can create a great threat in the opponent's penalty area whenever he comes off the bench. Giroud once said that he "has no choice" when he joined the Gunners to choose the number. Because he had a good memory of wearing the No. 12 in the Tour team for two years, he chose the No. 12, and after Podolski left the team Declined the number 9 left by the Germans. "Because the fans have bought the number 12 jersey with my name on it, I don't want to change the number anymore," Giroud said. "I understand that No. 9 represents Zhengyin center, but changing the number doesn't make me stronger."

近年来,英超联赛中最著名的超级板凳就是吉洛德。身穿12号炮手的吉鲁(Giroud)每当替补席上的对手都可以在罚球区造成极大的威胁。吉鲁(Giroud)曾经说过,他加入枪手队选择号码时“别无选择”。因为他对在巡回赛中排名第12的记忆深刻,所以他选择了第12号,在波多尔斯基离开后,该队拒绝了德国人留下的第9名。吉鲁德说:“因为球迷们已经购买了带有我名字的12号球衣,所以我不想再更改这个号码了。” “我知道第九名代表正印中锋,但是改变数字并不能使我变得更强大。”

But Giroud played 97 games for the national team as the No. 9 center. He passed No. 12, No. 17, No. 18, and No. 22 at the club level, except for No. 9.


Henry once returned to the Gunners for a short time in 2012, because Walcott has become the new owner of No. 14, Henry stepped back and chose his number in the national team-No. 12. Henry's seven appearances for the Gunners all came on the bench as a substitute, scoring two goals, including the classic moment of lore Leeds United, which is the most accurate interpretation of No. 12. Earlier, the Gunners No. 12 belonged to backup forward Christopher Wreh (Christopher Wreh), who scored some crucial goals in the 1997-98 season when the Gunners won.

亨利曾在2012年短暂回到枪手队,因为沃尔科特(Walcott)已成为14号的新主人。亨利退后一步,选择了自己的国家队编号。 12.亨利在枪手的七次出场全部作为替补席上坐下来,打进了两个进球,其中包括利兹联队绝杀的经典时刻,这是对第12号最准确的诠释。此前,第12号枪手属于替补前锋克里斯托弗·雷(Christopher Wreh)在枪手获胜的1997-98赛季打进了一些关键的进球。

Burnley's Brady can play all positions at left back and midfield. He is a typical jackpot No. 12 player, which is also his number in Norwich. Manchester United's Phil Neville wore the No. 12 jersey for Manchester United for 6 years. He may be the most iconic jackpot player in the history of the Premier League. Phil Neville was once known as "Mr. Almighty" in the Manchester United team. As a frequent visitor to the national team, Phil Neville has always been "where there is a need, there is me" throughout his career. In the end, none of them fixed their own position. It is worth mentioning that after joining Everton, he chose No. 18 instead of No. 12 that Harper passed through.

伯恩利的布雷迪(Brady)可以打左后卫和中场的所有位置。他是典型的头奖第12位玩家,也是诺里奇的号码。曼联的菲尔·内维尔(Phil Neville)身穿12号球衣为曼联效力了6年。他可能是英超联赛历史上最具标志性的头奖玩家。菲尔·内维尔曾经在曼联队中被称为“全能先生”。作为国家队的常客,菲尔·内维尔(Phil Neville)在整个职业生涯中始终“有需要,有我”。最后,他们都没有固定自己的位置。值得一提的是,在加入埃弗顿之后,他选择了18号而不是哈珀通过的12号。

In addition to super substitutes and generalists, No. 12 has other types. First of all, goalkeepers wear this number, of course, most of them are substitute goalkeepers. Bournemouth’s Ramsdale, Aston Villa’s Steele and Leicester City’s Ward are all No. 12 in their respective teams. In the 2018 World Cup, 20 of the 32 teams Both handed No. 12 to the goalkeeper. As the "No. 1" on the bench, it makes sense to leave No. 12 to the goalkeeper.

除了超级替代品和通才之外,亚博下注app第12号还有其他类型。首先,守门员会穿上这个号码,当然,其中大多数是替补门将。伯恩茅斯的拉姆斯代尔,阿斯顿维拉的斯蒂尔和莱斯特城的沃德在各自球队中均排名第12。在2018年世界杯足球赛中,双方32支球队中的20支都将第12名交到了门将。作为替补席上的“ 1号”,将12号留给门将很有意义。

Many left backs like to wear No. 12, which may be inspired by Zamorano, because 1+2=3, and No. 3 is the usual number for the main left back. Argentine left-back Sorin, who played for Villarreal in the early years, must have thought so, because his jersey really had a plus sign between the numbers 1 and 2. In contemporary football, Real Madrid’s Marcelo is a left-back wearing No. 12. In the Premier League there are Everton’s Digne, Norwich’s Jamal Lewis and Manchester City’s Angelinho ( Lease) and others.

许多左后卫喜欢穿12号,这可能是受Zamorano启发的,因为1 + 2 = 3,而3号是左主后卫的常用编号。早年曾效力于比利亚雷亚尔的阿根廷左后卫索林一定会这么想,因为他的球衣确实在数字1和2之间加号。在当代足球中,皇家马德里的马塞洛是左后卫,身穿1号。 12.在英超联赛中,有埃弗顿的迪涅,诺里奇的贾马尔·刘易斯和曼城的安吉利尼奥(租约)等。

Angelinho got his favorite No. 3 jersey after joining Eindhoven in 2018, and even if he wants to wear No. 12, it is not realistic, because many Dutch teams have the habit of keeping No. 12 for fans. . Of course, every time we talk about the 12th person on the field, we will naturally think of the fans. The fanatical atmosphere of the home fans can often keep the home team's morale high, just like one more person is fighting.

Angelinho在2018年加入埃因霍温后获得了他最喜欢的三号球衣,即使他想穿12号球衣也不现实,因为许多荷兰队都有为球迷保留12号球衣的习惯。 。当然,每次我们谈论第十二个人时,我们自然会想到粉丝。主队球迷的狂热气氛通常可以使主队的士气高昂,就像另一个人在战斗一样。

It is a tradition in some countries to leave the number 12 to the fans. You rarely see a player wearing the number 12 in the Bundesliga. England’s Portsmouth and Bristol City teams have also retired the number 12 jersey. . The Glasgow Rangers also retired the No. 12 jersey in 2012, but it does not seem to be permanent, because the third goalkeeper Andy Firth, who joined the team last summer, proudly displayed his name on the social network. No. 12 jersey (somehow he changed to No. 26 this season).

在某些国家/地区,将数字12留给球迷是一种传统。在德甲联赛中,您很少看到球员穿着12号。英格兰的朴茨茅斯和布里斯托尔市队也退役了12号球衣。 。格拉斯哥流浪者队也于2012年退役了12号球衣,但这似乎不是永久性的,因为去年夏天加入该队的第三位守门员安迪·费斯在社交网络上自豪地展示了自己的名字。 12号球衣(本赛季他以某种方式更改为26号)。

It is also common to keep numbers other than No. 12 for fans, but Sweden’s AIK Solna and Jurgaden keep the No. 1 jersey for fans, considering that these two teams have won the league recently. The championship team, maybe they have any agreement with the fans.

对于球迷来说,保持12号以外的数字也是很普遍的,但是瑞典的AIK Solna和Jurgaden仍然为球迷保留1号球衣,因为这两支球队最近都赢得了联赛冠军。冠军队,也许他们与球迷有任何协议。

If the team intends to retire a number for the fans, the number 12 is undoubtedly the most suitable. The explanation for the fans as the 12th person on the field takes into account both reason and emotion. Barcelona fans once displayed the huge Barcelona No. 12 tifo (referring to a large banner or puzzle that can cover the stands) in the stands. The team's No. 12 Rafinha also laughed at himself on social networks. Rafinha said: "What else can I say, thank you, it's so caring." In order not to cause misunderstanding, the Brazilians did not forget to add a dog's head.


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