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Netease Sports reported on October 18:


The ATP'250 Sardinia match came to an end, Serbia's Jere used a 7-6(3), 7-5 score to beat the former in the final


The 25-year-old Jere is the third Serbian champion to appear this season after compatriots Djokovic and Kezmanovic. So far this year, the Serbian player has reached the tour finals 7 times and won 6 championships. Djokovic dominated 4 crowns and 1 second.


At the beginning of the final, Jerry and Cecinado broke each other and then fought all the way to the tiebreaker. During the tie-breaker, Jeret kept attacking Cecinado's backhand, harvesting 4 turnovers from the Italian in the first 6 points. Jerry established the lead early, and finally relied on the backhand to win the first set.


The game entered the second set, and Jeret broke the score and pulled the score to 3-0. Cecinado fought back tenaciously at home and successfully eroded the opponent's lead. The two sides returned to the final game before the tie-break. Cecinado failed to block Jerry in front of the net. The latter relied on two crossings to secure the victory.

比赛进入第二盘,杰雷特(Jeret)破门得分,将比分拉高至3-0。 Cecinado在家里顽强地反击,成功侵蚀了对手的领先优势。双方在抢七局之前回到了最后一场比赛。 Cecinado未能将Jerry挡在网前。后者依靠两次穿越获得胜利。

As the champion, Jere will receive 250 ranking points and a prize of 13,32 million euros; runner-up Cecinado will receive 150 points and a prize of 11.13 million euros.


Jerry is currently ranked 74th in the world. So far this season, he has won a total of 13 Tour singles victories, 11 of which came from


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