Snoring is described as a rough noise created by vibrations on the soft palate along with other tissue in the mouth, nose & throat (higher air passage). Its due to disturbance within the airway during inspiration. The disturbance is the result of a part obstruction which may be found between the tip of the nose towards the vocal chords. The constraint might happen just while sleeping, or it might continue constantly and become even worse while we are sleeping. The reason being our muscle tone is decreased while asleep and there might be inadequate muscle tone in order to avoid the air passage tissue vibrating. Throughout waking hours muscle tone maintains the air passage strong and toned; therefore we don’t snore while awake.

Snoring may result from the nose, oropharynx or even bottom part of the tongue. Recently many experts have discovered how the tongue has a lot more important role in the occurrence of this sleep affections known as snoring than was once thought.

Snoring is actually something which can not be stopped at will, nor is it something which can be ‘cured’. It may nevertheless, be effectively managed. Snoring is the result of a physical abnormality that should be determined before a control is found. This may not be as challenging as it appears and the great news is there is actually a control for everyone. Locating the cause is vital to finding a remedy. Most of the time snoring is usually managed by basic self-help solutions.

Most snorers often take the ‘hit and miss’ approach to getting a remedy, with the unavoidable unsatisfactory outcome. They are usually tempted into purchasing solutions which claim to have extremely high success rates. Unfortunately, for a lot of snorers, they may become so negative they will give up their search for stopping. Just how many occasions have you heard ‘I have tried out everything, but nothing works’?

Our ‘tests’ are actually specially made to assist you in finding the reason for your snoring. Through carrying out each test and by the process of elimination you can determine the main cause or reasons in your personal circumstance so that you can focus on all those areas of concern.