Pillar Procedure ReviewsThere are a lot of people who are affected by snoring and sleep apnea. Such people try different methods to try and deal with this particular issue. Some of the methods that are available require a lot of resources and time. But because of technological advancement there are certain methods that are easy and just take short periods.

One of these methods is pillar procedure which is a minor surgery that seeks to rectify the issue of snoring and sleep apnea. This particular procedure involves small synthetic rods which are surgically implanted on the soft palate.

When the rods are implanted they usually hardens the soft palate and this helps a lot in dealing with snoring and sleep apnea. The procedure requires to be done by a professional who is properly qualified and has the necessary qualification.

Pillar Procedure Cost

This particular minor surgery is relatively cheap compared with most other procedures which are meant to deal with this issue. Its actual price is about $1,500 to $2,200 or even more depending on different factors. The fact that it is done only once especially makes it relatively cheap. The procedure can be completed within just twenty minutes.

This means that after one booking an appointment with a competent surgeon the procedure can be completed easily. Considering all the benefits one gets upon the completion of the procedure this particular surgery is quite cheap. One just needs to look for the right clinic or hospital that has all the amenities to complete the procedure effectively. There are even people who are insured, and such people can get this procedure done easily and at considerable lower prices.

Pillar Procedure Effectiveness

The number of people who have benefited from this minor surgery is quite high. More than fifty percent of the people who undergo this procedure usually benefit effectively. There are a number of people who usually do not enjoy the benefits of the procedure. The results are felt after about three months after the procedure has been completed.

This is the primary reason why people are advised to be patient so that they can enjoy the benefits. After the procedure has been completed it takes just about a week for the wound to heal completely. But one can continue to eat ordinary foods even a day after the surgery has been completed. But it is advisable to eat just soft foods to ensure the wound heals quickly.

Some people are usually afraid of this minor surgery because it involves being operated on. But because of its effectiveness most people are preferring it over other methods of dealing with snoring and sleep apnea.

The procedure can be done on people of almost any age and any gender. The number of people who have benefited from the procedure shows that it can be done on almost anyone with this issue. After the procedure one can be given pain killers to help deal with the pain that might be there. But the procedure is not painful considering that one is given medicine to deal with any form of pain during the operation. This makes this particular procedure ideal for even children who might be affected by the issue of snoring or sleep apnea.

Pillar Procedure Side Effects

The side effects of this particular procedure vary depending on the person. There are no major side effects, but one can experience the common side effects that affect anyone who has undergone anyone who has gone through any type of surgery.

The most common side effect is one having a sour throat. This is particularly because the rods are put on the throat. Consequently, before the wound completely heals one might feel a mild sourness on the throat. This is only felt for a day or two before the wound completely heals.

Another side effect of the pillar procedure is a bit of swelling on the neck. Before the rods can assimilate to the body one might swell a little bit. But if the procedure is done by a professional who has the right skills there is no swelling that is experienced. A good professional will even provide medicines that will deal with any form of swelling. One can also use the different remedies that are known to deal with swelling. But after the wound has healed completely there is no form of swelling that is experienced anymore. In case the wound takes too long to heal one should go back to the doctor to get professional help on what to do.

One can also experience dizziness after the minor surgery has been completed. This is mainly attributed to the other medications that one might be given. This is especially due to the pain medicine that one is given during the operation. The medication remains active just a number of hours after which no other side effects are felt. This is one of the primary reasons why more people are preferring this particular minor surgery.


It is evident that pillar procedure is an effective solution to people who might be affected by snoring and sleep apnea. The fact that it is an invasive procedure meant that one needs to be operated on. Technology advancement means that one does not even have to feel when the procedure is going on. The few minor side effects that are associated with this particular procedure are mainly attributed to the normal effects that one undergoes after any other type of surgery. Such effects can be significantly reduced if the procedure is done properly. One can easily identify a good surgeon by comparing a number of surgeons.

The comparison can be easily done by reading reviews and testimonials. The testimonials are especially helpful if they are from people who have already undergone this particular surgery. One can also get recommendation for friends or other people who have already undergone through the procedure. Comparing the benefits, the price and the results of the procedure shows that it is a helpful and effective minor surgery.

Even people who are afraid of surgery can easily undergo this procedure because it is simple and almost painless. Therefore, the pillar procedure can be very helpful to people who have a snoring and sleep apnea issue provided the procedure is done properly by a professional who has the right skills and tools.